03 March 2016

WIP #02

WIP #20 would suit this one better

as it has been "on standby" (on the needles!) for over 20 years now. Started when I was at the University, it got as far as the bront and back (nearly) knitted, but no arms at the point when it was abandoned... I just accidentally "unearthed" it last weekend when searching for something else, and am planning to call it a FWIP sometime soon (which, considering the standby time, may actually mean a couple of years...)

23 December 2015

WIP #01

Em curso há já muuuuuitos meses, esta mantinha é mesmo uma delícia...mas avança tããão devagar...

linda :)

21 December 2015

De boas intenções...

está o inferno cheio, diz o ditado...
e, digo eu, a terra também...

Pois é, houve, entretanto, outros WIPs que passaram a FWIPs num abrir e fechar de olhos, so to speak. Hei-de mostrá-los aqui.
Por hoje, fica um já concluído há algum tempo.

Bonito, verdade?

16 April 2015

F-WIP #1

This is the first post on my many (un)finished WIPs.
I have taken on the commitment of finishing at least one of them per week, as of now...
I intend to use weekends to tie up any loose ends, and I will try to post every Monday or Sunday evening.
So here are some pictures of my first Finished-WIP!

This hasn't actually been a WIP for long, It is in fact my quickest blanket of all, started a little over a month ago in an attempt to clear my stash of acrylic yarn initially bought to make some bags. Said bags have been made(ish) (some are still in my WIP basket), and there was a lot of leftover yarn, whose volume I desperately needed to quickly reduce... so the leftover blanket (this sounds as a good name for it, I think) was started. Not my ideal colour combination, but the best I could achieve with the yarn at hand.

Along the way, when working on the edging I realised I was a few meters short of the dark yellow yarn... 

and so the leftover blanket was left at a standstill for around two weeks. Had I not run short of yarn, it would have been an ultra mega quick project (for my standards, that is...)

over and out now, and on to the next one!

02 November 2012


instalado no Palpita Alecrim, Oeiras

a grande inspiração foi o fantástico trabalho da japonesa Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam

29 October 2012

13 October 2012